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More about dr. reeves

Dr. Lisa A. Reeves, a child of God, who loves the lord, is a member of Plymouth United Church of Christ in Detroit. She is passionate, energetic, and looks to the bright side of all things.

Spirituality, service, education and leadership are integral parts of her identity. A seasoned public speaker, recognized as an excellent orator. She believes that all children should be afforded an outstanding education.

Married to Julius L. Reeves for 30 years and the mother to Lauren A. and Julian L. Reeves. She is beyond thankful for her family.

Dr. Reeves serves as the Chief of Staff in the College of Education at Michigan State University. Within Higher Education, she has extensive experience in Finance, Human Resources, Facilities, Marketing, and Professional Development. Lisa is proud to be a Spartan. Go Green!

Her research is centered around Black-Feminist Thought, Womanism, Self-Determination, and Spirituality.

She attributes her passion for education, spirituality, and leadership to her early upbringing. While attending public schools, she witnessed inequities amongst school districts educating, people of color, and of varying socioeconomic statuses. Lisa wants to be a part of the solution.

A member of Toastmasters, Warrior Women, Kindred Book Club, Hi Impact Investments, “The Group” and she loves to Hustle dance.

Freedom , Peace, and Joy. 

True Faith Living...


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